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Entry Cart

Our educational hydroponic packages are designed to be engaging for both teachers and students. Each cart comes with everything you need to start growing immediately.

Products included in the package:

2' x 4' Wire Care
4' Jump Start Light Stand
4" Active Aqua Air Stone
7.5' - 1/4" Black Tubing
Active Aqua Air Pump, 2 Outlets
T5 48" Light Kit 1 Bulb
T5 Link Cable
Jump Start T5 Modular Dock
8 Outlet Surge Protector / Timer
2' x 4' Flood Tray
Floating Raft Tray (28 Units)
pH Up, 8oz - General Hydroponics
pH Down, 8oz - General Hydroponics
Active Aqua pH Test Kit
Grow Big Hydro 8oz
Microlift Dechlorinator 8oz
Clip on Microscope
5 Gallon Bucket
Page's Seeds
1" Grodan
50ml Graduated Cylinder

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